Monday, April 25, 2011

Dusky Owl Eyes

Here is another Etsy Treasury Team Collection with owls, brown, gray, gold, and blue in a calming collage.

Friday, April 22, 2011

New Etsy Treasury Team Treasury

I'm a new member of the Etsy Treasury Team.  It's a bit of a commitment but it's fun and I feel like it will help me tune up my titles, tags, photos and descriptions.  I also think it will motivate me to branch out and go in new directions with my craft.  I am always keen to explore what works while discovering new things that I enjoy!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Misty Morning Treasury from Etsy

Getting on a roll making treasuries again. I'm a trial Etsy Treasury Team member so I will post a team treasury here soon. There seems to be something missing from it right now.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Celebrating one warm family member! or Rain, Rain, go Away!!!

Green, green, green, verdant, lush, forest, Kelly, chartreuse, lime, sage, new growth red/green of the roses, pine green, moss green, and lichen gray green. It's all here today in dripping soggy splendor. Somewhere in Avignon, our son has been enjoying sunny and warm spring days. He's gone on a two week adventure with the French Travel Club from Anacortes High School. The first week is a family stay, the second, Paris.

I had not driven out past Heart Lake, in a long time until yesterday evening. It is one of many beautiful small bodies of water on our usually rocky island home. The lake level was very high, the swampy areas were so full, and there were many areas that I don't recall being wet before, growing full and lush with Skunk Cabbage. Waterfalls that occasionally appear just seemed to be gushing. We were on our way for a lovely Indian meal with friends. After dinner, we were serenaded by a chorus of tree frogs while enjoying a hot tub soak. No doubt they have been loving our extra precipitation. As you can gather, I am not complaining about the rain necessarily, it adds to the emerald splendor of this place we call home.

Last weekend, my husband Andy, went on a mountain bike ride and said he had never seen so much water and water in new places. Right now it is just a solid monotone gray in the sky and the steady drizzle is collecting along the sidewalk and in puddles in my garden. Beautiful Red Flowering current is blooming out my window and the neighbor has a bright yellow Forsythia and daffodils as promising signs that spring really is here! If it hadn't been for my Wii-hab to warm me up this morning I probably would have started a fire. In fact maybe I will tonight if I can find any dry wood! I have seen smoke coming from at least three chimneys in the neighborhood!

Seems like a hearty stew would be the best meal for tonight. I was told today a story that a local travel agent was getting calls from desperate Northwesterners, saying, "Get me a ticket to anyplace sunny!" For now we'll have to put on some music from a sunny land, start a fire, and dream of a beach with warm blue waters. It's good enough for now to know that my son is in Avignon where the daytime temperatures are in the high 60's. He's enjoying a bit of spring for sure!! I hope he's taking pictures of bridges, old castles, papal enclaves, and rivers! I'd take a ticket to southern France if it was offered!