Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A valuable Cover Letter exercise!

I have struggled writing cover letters. Finding a sincere expression of the actual strengths and skills that I could offer a potential employer is a challenge when working off a job listing description.  Yesterday, I decided to create my own position and apply for it.  I have proposed to be a Personal Assistant and found it much easier to define my skills and feel confident and positive about them.  Somehow the language flowed a bit more easily as I was able to think more creatively about what I know and how it could apply to helping someone else.  I spend almost 10 years in an office environment where my role changed and evolved frequently.  Some tasks were a fit and others weren't.  Some things I was good at but didn't actually enjoy.  I always welcomed the opportunity to risk learning something new.  When there are so few jobs out there that fit my skills and seem to point out the fact that I lack in other skills, it only makes sense to build something with what you have!

Oh, and I have subscribed to Lynda.com and plan on learning HTML!  Emerald Marine Carpentry needs some assistance with website maintenance!  I want to step up to plate for the family business.  Looking at the job listings everyday is discouraging!  That's not to say I'm giving up on having a full time job with benefits again. I just need to get to work and do something productive now!!

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