Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hey (Wo)man, Loosen up!!!!!

(I found this post in my draft folder.  Why not publish it!!??)

"The elemental universe expands while we waste life contracting into ever tighter spirals. Comb your mind for ways to live an expansive vision that enhances intelligence and exemplifies the practical simplicity of what can be..."

One of my oldest artist friends posted this on Facebook some time ago.  While I am trying to find a typical office job, I am trying to reconcile the pull I have toward making my living being creative and the security of a conventional job.  While in this current job market it is easier to take the high road and put my energy into tthe jewelry because the jobs are so hard to find.  I know the jobs are out there, my search has not waned.  Yet, there are all kinds of contracting ideas floating around in my head as I balance the urge to make things with my hands, heart and soul and the urge to save enough money to have the once every couple of years vacation to a place that is warm in the winter with beaches, and surf, and delicious food.  Contracting ideas like the artist and creative friends who have moved on from the artist lifestyle toward more education and careers. Who makes it as an artist and why?  I am discovering the hard work required and it not longer seems like a selfish pursuit.  
As I look at the near prospect of our daughter nearly graduating from college and a son who will be entering college in less than two years I imagine my future life.  At this cross roads it is time to do the wish-crafting.  The most powerful tool we have had in creating the current life we have is inspired dedication.

My response is:

Fighting the tightening, and unrolling the winding! Trying to not go 'round cinched up so wound! 

Bull Kelp on the Beach, New Year's Day

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