Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Source for Delicious and Healthy Recipes!!

Katie's Delicious Bread Recipies this Way!!

The other day I was really excited to discover that my friend Katie had a recipe for Pita Pockets. I first had homemade pocket bread when my friend Menell's mother brought it to a grade school class. Being recent immigrants to my hometown they were sharing a part of their Eqyptian heritage through food. The bread was hot, fresh, and heavenly!! Since that day, I've longed for that delicate yeasty flavor and the magic way they puff up while cooking. My mother did make the recipe once if I remember correctly. Oh, they make the best sandwich holders!!! So, when I asked Katie about the reference to the pita pockets on Facebook, she said, "The recipe is on my Cooking Blog!" Well, I didn't know she had a cooking blog. I hope she doesn't mind if I share it here!

Katie also has delicious dips and spreads and very wonderful bean soups. Katie gets excited about her wonderful creations and sometimes we are lucky enough to share in the delights of wonderful flavors and smells. She generously keeps the Emerald Marine Carpentry workers fueled up on her sweet treats. I know they are greatly appreciated!!

I also like that she made me think of my favorite movie, "Julie and Julia" on discovering her blog!! This is a great way to share the things in life that give you satisfaction! Be sure to check out Bayandem for more delicious recipes!

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