Thursday, November 11, 2010

As usual I have a lot to learn

which is great because I love to learn new things.  It has just taken me about 21 months to want to put real effort into at least improving on my Etsy account. It seemed like a good idea when I signed up but was clueless to the reality of what kind of commitment it would require.  That's okay, now that I have extra time while looking for look.  During a period of restlessness,  all I have to do is pick up some bead weaving and escape.  The real work is the photography and photo editing for the presentation.  Thankfully, I am so much more comfortable with it currently. It was the first major block to my potential Etsy success.

The little light box I have set up makes the process so much more enjoyable.  I am able to find my way from iphoto to pandora much more easily and save myself steps if I actually label photographs at the right point of the process.  For someone who prides themselves on being detail oriented figuring out descriptions and tags should be no problem and just this evening I called upon fellow Etsy-ites to give me some inside marketing tips to help navigate the inner workings of Etsy.  Detailed descriptive words are a challenge to be sure.  It will definitely change the way I look at things while I'm making them and photographing them.  It seems like having an item notebook or notepad page would be useful as descriptions come while creating!

The process is intriguing because perhaps it creates a deeper relationship with a product for the creator and perhaps helps one target who may or may not be interested in supporting your craft.  My nerdiness comes out in the sense that when I need to figure something out and I start doing it, the obsession accelerates almost to an unhealthy degree.  I have an awesome collection of beads but what turns me on is taking them and making them into more than the sum of the parts.  I like synthesis.  I like pretty things.  I like the challenge of figuring out something I don't quite understand but feel it's very important and damned if it's not going to take me all day to figure it out.  Heaven help us if it's not resolved by the time I want to go to sleep!!!  Perhaps it's time to institute the evening Brain Drain!!  Random thoughts spilled out onto paper so they free the mind for restful sleep.

Reading this makes me think I've had too much Red Bull or some similar stimulant.  I have not I think I've just been at the computer for too long.  I need to go work on that brickstitch bracelet to calm down!


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