Saturday, November 20, 2010

What does it take to make the life you want?

Currently I am envisioning my future.  A few of the big picture dreams include preservation of the natural world, less traffic congestion with more efficient and environmentally friendly ways to travel, eliminating needless destruction and suffering caused by war and poverty, and a good economy where everyone has satisfying work that feeds their families, gives them satisfaction, and provides for a comfortable life when they no longer work.

At this particular time in the world, things seem to be going in just the opposite direction even as momentum has been built toward creating a more conscious living.  There seem to be strong forces pushing in the direction opposed to the forces that have envisioned more peaceful living.  It feels these days, like the dark clouds above our heads are getting thicker and that the light is out of reach.

When I am making something with my hands, eyes, using my senses to create something beautiful, delicious, or fun I am most likely to feel like I'm doing what is right for me.  This way of thinking is not unusual or unique.  Most people feel this way, don't they?  Not everyone gets to experience it, it is in some ways a luxury to have the freedom, and the privilege of other important needs met to be in a state of mind where creativity thrives.  I might be wrong but I cannot understand the kind of greed that has driven people for years to steal from others, to take what they shouldn't or misuse others or the valuable resources that make living life beautiful.

I am picturing a smaller house with a much smaller yard.  I want a job where I make something tangible.  I want to be able to travel and see some of the places in the world that intrigue me; Europe, Africa, South America and much more of the United States.  I want my children to having fulfilling lives after surviving life's necessary growing pains.  Physical fitness and agility are important to me, I think long quality of life depend on them.  This is not  about being skinny, it's about having flexibility and the endurance to enjoy life's most fun activities.

Even as it feels a bit ominous,  I look forward to the long dark cold winter approaching.  It's a good  time to turn inside and explore what is possible and what is desirable.

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  1. I love your goals. Keep focusing on them and choose the right actions. The dark clouds are only there to distract you and test your ability. Welcome them and don't fight them off. Instead focus on what you want. I have days that everything goes wrong and it is not until I allow that, that it actually gets better.
    Good luck with it, I really hope that you will achieve your dreams.