Monday, November 1, 2010

I am new to the active blogging life

Zizou has landed resolutely on my lap, so I am warm and anchored to the chair for the time being.  The cats have their favorite chairs which will be either the one at my beading station or the one at the computer.  Zizou will have it if I'm sitting here or not.  I'm working on building up my jewelry inventory to feature on etsy and/or the Holiday Craft Bazaar in Oak Harbor on Saturday, November 6.  I am hoping to do one more Bazaar this season, maybe in La Conner.  My productivity has increased with the added motivation.  I'm a bit nervous but also excited.  Another new opportunity to forward my craft is teaching the Beginning Beading at Anacortes Beads.  A few months ago I filled in for Marsha for my first class.  I would like to have more experience in teaching skills that I'm comfortable with. 

Next Saturday night is also the Benefit Concert for Spoonshine.  They had much of their valued equipment stolen by some people who I'm sure don't need it more than they do.  Heartless criminals!  It starts at 6:00 at the Croation Club!!  

This is Pearl and Zizou in a basket that is not much more than
12 inches in diameter!!  Pearl was still a kitten.

So thanks for checking this out.  I'm curious to see where this goes.
I think it is most likely for myself.  We'll see!

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