Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The Nintendo Wii has been a part of my achilles recovery for almost two months now.  My progress is well documented on the Wii-fit program.  I went from consistently having a wii-fit age in the 50s and 60's to consistently having an age lower than my actual age.  The balance tests and games are really the best for judging how well my right heel is healing.  I still favor it somewhat.

Some of the activities are getting a bit dull so maybe it's time to move onto the trainer program, My Fitness Coach and maybe throw in a dance game!  It was a great investment for me and it's actually more motivating then I though it would be.  Colin will occasionally play with me, but being a 17 year old, he prefers Halo.  Besides he would probably blow my highest scores out of the water!

Today I am working on my appeal to the unemployment office.  Because of a few restrictions to standing and walking they said I am not fully able to work and therefore not approved for unemployment benefits.  I was looking primarily for jobs that would not include "prolonged walking or standing" so I will make a case that I am most employable in an seated job because my nearly 10 years of experience was as an office manager.  A plus is that on my follow up appointment the doctor cleared me of restrictions.  I just need him to fill out the proof to send it to Employment Security.  The process has required about 10 forms so far, talking to the decision board twice on the phone, and speaking with countless other people!  I have faithfully been doing my three job searches a week.  It's a technicality for sure. Hopefully it's worth making my case.  The job search is difficult and having no extra income is not great either!

Emerald Marine is employing my office organizing skills on a voluntary basis for a couple of hours a week.  The shop office has been recently renovated and it actually stays warm with the heater turned on.  It feels great to contribute to the family business!

Okay, so I'm going to grab a Luna Bar, a glass of water, do my wii-fit routine, make some earrings, look for some jobs, and enjoy the sun!  Tonight we celebrate a successful Friends of the Forest benefit at the Brown!

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